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Google Maps driving directions feature, google maps

Newest Google Maps Driving Directions Feature to Aid Commuters

December 22nd, 2017  

Google Maps driving directions has done it again! After telling drivers and cyclists the best routes, the newest Google Maps driving directions feature is helping users get off their bus on time. This is a great new feature for commuters, especially those who travel frequently by bus.   Google Maps driving directions has already Read More

driving directions Google maps, google maps for cyclists

This is How Cyclists can use Driving Directions Google Maps

December 11th, 2017  

Driving directions Google Maps allows cyclists to easily find the best cycling routes and modify them according to their needs. Although driving directions Google Maps is known for providing the best routes to car drivers, it is now accommodating cyclists also. Now cyclists can also customize their routes and determine the most bike friendly Read More

google maps directions driving, google maps thanksgiving and black friday, google maps holiday traffic rush

Avoid the Holiday Traffic Rush with Google Maps Directions Driving

November 23rd, 2017  

Thanksgiving and Black Friday is generally some of the busiest times for both business and consumers. Every year United States sees some of the worst traffic jams during this holiday season. This year however, Google Maps directions driving plans to make things a lot easier by enabling users to leave and return home during Read More

mapquest directions, google maps directions driving

MapQuest Directions versus Google Maps Directions Driving: Which app is the best?

November 17th, 2017  

Most of us generally use maps when we are travelling, whether commuting inside the city or to another city and state or even another country. We need maps the most when we travel to unknown places and this is when we find services like Google Maps driving directions or MapQuest directions the most useful. Read More

Google Maps driving directions

Introducing Google Maps Driving Directions and Levis connected jacket

November 9th, 2017  

Late September, Google Maps and Levis showed off their ‘connected’ jean jacket which has been designed specifically for cyclists. After a year of work on the project, Google maps driving directions unveiled the final product at the Google I/O developer conference. Soon after, this multi-touch sensor clothing went on sale for $350.   Designed Read More

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