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Google Maps Driving Directions Tweaked it up for Cyclists

Back in July, Google Maps driving directions made some tweaks to its application following the start of 104th Grand Cycling Tour. This came as a great news for cyclists in general as the enhancements aimed at allowing users to create their own routes using Google Maps driving directions. Participants of the cycling tours had the leverage to use Google’s search engine in web or in app to look for their specific cycling tours of interests. The results produced included the latest news from the events, news and articles regarding the tours, participating athletes, past winners and current standings of various participants alongside stage by stage results.


Google Maps driving directions has been made more cyclist-friendly as the new enhancements are allowing cyclists to easily commute from one place to another using Google Maps driving directions easy navigation and route planner. The new Google Maps driving directions factors in bike trails, unlike the older version of the maps alongside the road size, bike lane availability, twists and turns and elevations when suggesting routes. The great part is that cyclists can now also create their own route by turning on the bike layer by tapping the ‘Bike’ icon in the maps search menu. The bike layer color-coordinates routes to show various suggested alternate routes for cyclists.


Google Maps finally shifts its focus to Cyclists

Before the advent of Google Maps driving directions, cyclists used more traditional ways for seeking directions, however many would easily get stuck in traffic jams or lose their way in unfamiliar territories. When you ride a bike to commute, the stakes are generally higher as one wrong turn can get you in gridlocked traffic. Even though Google maps driving directions did make it easy to get around, but still before this latest enhancement kicked in, Google Maps driving directions was just calculating the most common and comfortable routes when what the cyclists actually wanted was the same ‘convenience’ which the car drivers had when using this app.


Google maps driving directions has turned cyclist-focused with its enhancements, making its services accessible for everyone. This last update in particular, however, was taken as great news by those who frequently use bicycles to commute as well as by cycling enthusiasts around the world. It’s a refreshing and much welcomed addition to Google maps, making its route planning more smarter and relevant for its users. This is a good advancement but cyclists are still hoping for more and wishing that Google Maps driving directions would start using crowdsource information regarding routes when suggesting bicycle routes, something similar to car routes.

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