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Google Maps Hurricane Irma Alert

Google Maps marks road closures in the wake of Hurricane Irma

To help with the evacuation plans, Google emergency team worked with the state of Florida to mark road closures in the wake of Hurricane Irma. This effort was made to enable drives, navigating Florida, stay informed regarding closed roads in the aftermath of the storm.


Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane, barreled through the Caribbean impacting Florida and causing massive devastation. Evacuations were considered mandatory in major parts of Florida as people started seeking shelter from the storm and started moving to other cities and states.


Even though Google Maps already uses Waze for providing real time traffic alerts but the partnership with the state of Florida allowed Google to learn about road closures without relying on Waze alone. Already known for offering accurate driving directions and route planning options, Google Maps started using both algorithm and manual methods to offer up-to-date information to users inside Florida who wished to evacuate and are now returning to the state.


The road closure information was also update on Google Maps SOS Alert on the search as Irma Crisis map. Just last month Google launched SOS Alert, a new feature of Google Maps which offers users updated information regarding natural disaster and other crisis hits. The new feature was launched just in time, we can say, for alerting and updating people living in the state of Florida regarding Hurricane Irma and road closures that happened as its aftermath. Google is said to be working with a varied number of agencies including the Red Cross, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Philippine Atmospheric along with many others to source information for its SOS Alert services.


Google Maps SOS Alert was helpful by offering real time updates, relevant new breaking stories, emergency numbers, an overview of the area and other related information to users in the affected area. Those who allowed notifications were also sent alerts via Google Maps in the wake of Hurricane Irma. At the end of it all, we are just glad that the storm has passed and thankful the Google Maps new feature helped save so many people.

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