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Google Maps Local Guides Launches New Video Feature

Google Maps local guides has a new feature and it’s pretty cool. A couple of weeks back Google Maps launched a new feature for its Local Guides program which allows users to submit a video.


Just last month Google Maps local guides started allowing users to tap into the local experience through a ‘Q&A’ section which allowed users to ask questions and receive advice from the locals. This feature was already being considered very handy, specifically for foreign travellers as it allows them to gain authentic knowledge about the city or region they are in. Before this announcement, Google Maps local guides only allowed photos of various locations to be attached.


The new video feature of Google Maps local guides is being announced to users by email and we sure are excited to hear about it. Now travellers can not only see photos of locations and ask questions but will also be able to view up to 30 seconds of short videos which the users also attach. This will enables foreign travellers and first timers to get a glimpse of the place, hotels, landmarks and even restaurants.


Currently, Google Maps local guides is allowing users to upload around 10 seconds of video made directly from the Google Maps app while 30 second video can be uploaded from the camera roll. To upload a video, all you need to do is choose a place you wish to add a review of, tap ‘Add a Photo’ and then the camera icon until Google Maps tells you there is a new video feature which you can use by holding down on the camera icon.


Pretty neat, no? We think it is. A very helpful feature indeed for anyone, local or foreign, who wishes to know more about a certain place and it’s ambiance. 

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