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Google Maps location menu

Google Maps Location Menu Revamp and other changes

Google Maps location menu, the small menu that pops up from the bottom when you tap on your current location within the app, now has a nice visual revamp.


Adding to the aesthetics of the app, the new overhaul make the location menu appears on full screen once you tap it. The menu is now blue in color which compliments the blue color found in other Google products and tools. Even though the menu remain pretty much the same, Google Maps new location menu give all details front and center. Now you have icons for See nearby places, Share your location and Save your parking smack in the middle while the compass and reporting links have been moved to the bottom of the menu.


Does the revamped Google maps location menu offers anything new? Well, yes it actually does! There is an addition of a ‘You are here’ section which will show your Google account photo and your current location address.


The Google Maps location menu tweaks started rolling out in July and for those of us wo regularly use Google Maps, they were pleasantly annoying at first. Apparently Google maps location menu wasn’t the only one to receive a revamp. It seems that the red category shortcuts which were apparently pretty handy for finding nearby restaurants, gas stations and other places have been removed from under the regular search bar and pushed to the bottom of the navigation menu.


Of course there were no major functional changes that were made to Google Maps location menu or to Google Maps driving directions in general. However, Google maps, it seems just tweaked up its aesthetics and moved a few things around. So in case, you opened your app after a long break, don’t worry if you are unable to find a few things. They haven’t been removed but just switched places.

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