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MapQuest Directions versus Google Maps Directions Driving: Which app is the best?

Most of us generally use maps when we are travelling, whether commuting inside the city or to another city and state or even another country. We need maps the most when we travel to unknown places and this is when we find services like Google Maps driving directions or MapQuest directions the most useful.


Today, we have several mapping services which are enabling users to commute easily and making our day to day journeys quicker. But when choosing from the top mapping services, which one would you opt for if given the chance? Here’s our take on what’s best and what’s not.


MapQuest Directions

MapQuest directions is one of the oldest mapping services available online. It is a veteran in the digital mapping arena and has gradually evolved over the years. Offering the users a simpler route mapping experience, MapQuest directions offers polished aesthetics that make finding directions quick and easy. Its in-built routing and geocoding enables users to easily find their desired destination and has a convenient ‘Avoid’ button which allows users to bypass busy intersections and under construction roads. In the last few years, users have seen MapQuest directions evolve, gain a facelift and offer a multitude of new features to its users including sophisticated mapping technology, voice-based search experience, redesigned navigation and a feature heavy MapQuest directions mobile app. Ever since its acquisition by Verizon, MapQuest directions has attracted a larger more varied user base.


Google Maps Directions Driving

Currently Google Maps directions driving is one of the most popular mapping services used by millions around the world. Offering great features, Google Maps directions driving enables users to easily find the best routes from their location to their destination. It has a remarkable track record and with each periodic update, it just keeps getting better and better. Google Maps directions driving is known to facilitate around 5 stops in between a user’s location and destination, providing the most accurate route planning services online. It’s aerial view is offered in graphic as well as satellite mode while it’s street view enables users to remotely visit a location without moving a foot. But of course the mapping service has had its share of negative reviews with some users complaining the route planner to lead them to closed roads at times or wrong turns.


And the winner is….

Google Maps directions driving is the heavyweight champion of the mapping services war. It stands undefeated with its amazing mapping technology, offering its users an efficient and accurate user experience which keeps them coming back for more. But the battle is still on. MapQuest directions was acquired by Verizon in 2015 and with new technology rumored to come on-board MapQuest directions, there are chances that Google Maps might not remain the ultimate champion for long. Or will it? Only time will tell.

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