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MapQuest Fuel Finder

How Technology like MapQuest Fuel Finder helped people in the storm

As the country was hit by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, refineries around the country shut down, specifically in Taxes and we saw gas prices throughout the country spike and soar. Overnight a gallon of gas jumped over the average price. As the storm lingered, gas prices continued to rise. Despite the fact that most of the country was safe from the hurricanes, pockets of pumps were still impacted, causing potential increase in the cost.


Technology once again stepped in. It enabled people to save money on fuel prices, helping them find gas at the lowest cost. We saw free gas-finder apps gain popularity as iPhone and Android users started safely locating the cheapest gasoline. The likes of gas locators and MapQuest fuel finder once again became the most sought after.


Locating Gas Prices by MapQuest Fuel Finder


After the globally used MapQuest driving directions app, MapQuest fuel finder app gained popularity as it enabled users to locate the best nearby gasoline prices. By listing down the best available nearby fuel prices on the map, MapQuest fuel finder allows users to sort their display by price or distance. Users were able to search any location at all. Mapquest fuel finder offers some great features and lets users search for various types of fuel including diesel, regular and E85. Mapquest fuel finder also lets you build a list of your favorite fuel stations which you can quickly check.


The free Mapquest fuel finder app made it easy to find gas stations and the best fuel prices by identifying the cheapest options. Here’s a quick brief on what the Mapquest fuel finder enables users to do:


  • >> Find the best gas prices in your neighborhood and along your route
  • >> Filter results by prices and distance to save both time and money
  • >> Sort results by fuel type (including regular, diesel and mid-grade)
  • >> Compare gas prices by station and save your favorite stations

Even at the Disrupt SF 2017 Hackathon, where 102 companies attended, disaster-relief apps including free fuel finders were presented in relation to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Some of the most notable apps discussed used MapQuest technology to aid the victims. These apps included AidPins, ResQme and DroneAid. AidPins has been built on Mapquest API and allows user to submit their contact info and noting down the kind of help they can provide. Victims can log into their website to see the kind of help that is available. ResQme uses Mapquest and Nexmo to provide real time broadcasting while DroneAid uses Mapquest to find an optimized map for drone reconnaissance missions which enables the service take photos using voice command and classify them in real time.


It’s great to see that MapQuest fuel finder and so many others made efforts at their end to help the country and those affected by the storms. Hopefully in the future, technology will enable even further developments and make relief work easier.

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