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Google MapsTM Driving Directions

Google MapsTM is a popular and free desktop and mobile web mapping service offered by the search engine giant. Google MapsTM directions is well known for offering its users accurate route and driving directions to any destination of their choice in real-time. But that’s not the only feature that has made Google MapTM directions such a popular service. It offers traffic data in real-time while providing alternate routes to the destination, driving mileage as well as real-time traffic conditions that allows users to avoid traffic jams and closed routes. The Google MapsTM driving directions service also provides high resolution dynamic satellite imagery of street maps as well as panoramic views of streets through its 360° Street View services in various countries of the world.

Not only that, but Google MapsTM users can also plan their routes for four different modes of transportation, depending on their area. These includes driving, public transit, cycling and walking.

Google MapsTM Driving Directions: The Quickest Route Planner

Our Google MapsTM directions route planner is easy to use. All you have to do is fill in the origin and destination address and click ‘Get Directions’ to start getting our free Google MapTM driving directions route planner services. The Google MapsTM directions driving map will display the best route you need to take, along with alternate route option marked in a different color, to get from point A to point B. The turn by turn navigation provided by our Google MapTM driving directions will also contain the distance and approximate time it will take for you to get from one location to the other.

Google MapsTM directions driving combined with Google Street View is a popular tool used worldwide by millions. To start using it immediately on your computer or Smartphone, just download out extension and get a good start to your road trip itinerary.

Your Ultimate Source for Google MapTM Directions

Google MapTM directions can easily become your most invaluable and trusted source for accurate route planning. No matter what your destination, whether you are traveling to a foreign country or a State you have never been to, or just looking for turn by turn navigation to a destination within your city, Google MapTM driving directions can prove to be an extremely useful tool. Updated periodically, Google mapsTM directions driving offers you a comprehensive view of your route and shows you points of interests along your route.

With so many cool features, Google MapTM driving directions is the ultimate route planning tool that gives you a hassle free alternative to the old paper maps and saves you from getting lost on your way!