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Google Traffic Directions

Google MapsTM is the most accurate and useful online tool for driving directions. Google traffic maps are a digital replica of the traditional paper maps, working as a full blown trip planner and travel aide for billions across the globe. Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, Google traffic maps offers you addresses and locations of your destination along with longitude, latitude and elevation marking, making it easy for you to navigate driving direction on car and public transit while also offering bicycle and walking routes. There is absolutely no chance of you ever losing your way if you use google traffic maps.

The google traffic maps are periodically updated with new features and upgrades which keep them fresh and accurate. This way users are able to receive comprehensive driving directions and learn more about google traffic conditions. People all over the world use Google traffic maps for a hassle free route planning as it continues to become the ultimate sources for route planning for travelers everywhere. No matter which country in the world you are in, you can never lose your way with google traffic maps.

How do Google Traffic Maps Work?

Google MapsTM driving directions give you invaluable and accurate information regarding traffic conditions and route planning. But have you ever wondered how Google traffic maps really work?

Google traffic conditions is the most popular feature on Google MapsTM that displays traffic conditions including traffic jams, delays, road blocks and heavy traffic etc. Whether you are using google traffic conditions via a mobile device or a desktop computer, google traffic maps will analyze the GPS-determined locations coming in from various mobile phone devices and calculate all relevant data to generate a live Google traffic conditions map for your route.

Decoding the Google Traffic Conditions Map

Google traffic maps are color coded for the ease of users and if you understand what those colors mean then you will easily be able to understand google traffic conditions. Google marks areas of interest along your planned route in light orange color while the various colors on your marked route mean the following:

  • Blue and grey color represents your marked route
  • Orange color means medium amount of traffic
  • Red represents heavy traffic and delays
  • Green means a clear route with no traffic delays

You will also notice various symbols on the Google traffic conditions map along your route which stand for various landmarks or represent accidents, construction and road closures to mention some, while contour lines on Google traffic maps mean elevation in landscape. Google traffic conditions reports are available for users in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days of week and 365 days a year. All you need is an internet connection and you can stay informed regarding current traffic conditions.