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Driving Directions Fast is a free maps and directions service that offers commuters, motorists, visitors and vehicle operators the latest information regarding traffic conditions. Alongside our popular route planner, we also enable users to check live traffic conditions in real time through our Google traffic map which notifies you regarding road blocks, traffic conditions and alternate routes.

Our maps and directions services are available for both desktop and mobile users. We are dedicated to offering the latest and most accurate information regarding route planning and traffic conditions to our users. Through Google traffic map we provide you live traffic reports which you can check before leaving your location. Whether you are in search of a business located within your city or want to visit family in another state, at Driving Directions Fast we offer maps and directions that carry information regarding various points of interests like landmarks, restaurants, hotels and even gas stations along your route.

Google Traffic Conditions, Maps and Directions

Our live traffic conditions feature is embedded in our service, showing the traffic map of all major roads and highways. Live traffic conditions are displayed in a colored overlay which appears on Google traffic map. The color coding indicated various traffic conditions with green representing normal flow of traffic, yellow representing slow traffic and red representing congestion and traffic jams. Grey color often denotes the alternate route on our maps and directions while blue color is used for showcasing the most preferred route to your destination. Google traffic map has become smarter over the years at predicting traffic changes and alternate routes. New technology incorporated in maps and directions reports issues like road closures and traffic jams while Google traffic map also picks on historical traffic data which allows it to alert you regarding the typical traffic conditions in certain areas. It also allows you to search for multiple destinations and public transit where available. All you have to do is add in your location from where you wish to start your journey, your destination point and just click the ‘Get Directions’ button and Driving Directions Fast will do the work for you by planning.