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MapQuest, a name that everyone has heard of, has served millions and trillions of people in finding routes, giving driving directions and suitable maps. MapQuest driving directions started in 1967 when there was no other means of finding a way except the hard copy map. The hard copy had advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately the disadvantages of mapquest won over the advantages and its graph began to drop. Then the need for some system generated help was given some thought and finally in 1967 Map Quest happened.

MapQuest driving directions is a complete free online website that serves people's needs. This is a United States based website which provides you with free maps and driving directions. Simply type the name of your desired location in the search bar of the MapQuest website and see the result. A map will appear showing all routes to the desired place along with mapquest directions for alternate routes. The best route according to the website which you should adopt will be highlighted. This feature of the MapQuest driving directions classic is known as Route Planner which will calculate the miles of your desired destination from all possible routes and then recommend you for the best possible route that is, according to the Mapquest directions, most convenient for you.

In addition to the driving directions and maps, there is this Map Quest Travel Blog. This feature is absent in other websites providing you with maps and mapquest directions. The Map Quest Travel Blog allows the users to upload their pictures and write their comments and views regarding the route they took and how Map Quest helped them. This blog largely caters the concerns of other people visiting the website. Although built in 1967, MapQuest driving directions classic still manages to come up to the people's expectations by maintain their superb standards.

Why millions around the world are choosing Mapquest

The age of interactive technology has completely changes our way of living, making Smartphones and similar cellular devices part of our lives. Where a decade back no one could imagine a mobile device, today we cannot imagine a life without it. From reading your favorite books online to shopping, finding recipes, locating the best mapquest directions and routes to various places – digital technology has taken over our lives, making it easier and fast paced.

Those of us commuting daily cannot imagine moving out of the house without looking at maps and finding the best possible route to our destination. Map Quest directions allow you to check traffic conditions, avoid major road blocks, and navigate the shortest route without leaving the safety of your home or office. Navigation has become far easier with technology and mapquest directions helps you locate the best route for commute, providing you with approximate time of travel, closest landmarks, nearest gas stations, hospitals and hotels (if you wish to make a stop) – all from your desktop or Smartphone device.

MapQuest Driving Directions Classic

Whether you use MapQuest online mapping services or its free app for locating MapQuest directions from one location to another, it offers you street level details and projections for the best possible route, no matter where you are in the world. MapQuest driving directions classic offers options like voice guided navigation, real time traffic and hotel finder to make your route planning easier.

The top three main services that MapQuest offers include FindIt, which allows you to locate businesses in a particular area, Maps, creating routes based on the address you provide and MapQuest driving directions classic which generates mapquest directions from one location to another based on your specifications. As one of the most reliable mapping services available online, MapQuest driving directions classic has the most detailed route planning and navigation services to-date. The easy to scan icon provided in MapQuest driving directions classic offer you directions as compared to other mapping services that offer the same in text.

Trust MapQuest Directions for Trusted Route Planning

Unlike the paper maps used in the good old days, Map Quest directions allow you to find alternate routes to your destinations without the hassle of using static paper maps. The mapquest directions maps are updated in real time and offer you data that is relevant and current. Even if you get stuck in a location or weaver off route, our route planner can be updated with a click of your finger to provide you with an alternate route. There is never a chance of getting lost with Map Quest!

Our website is simple and easy to use. Get free mapquest directions to anywhere, be it an address, a city, zip code, State or GPS coordinates, and follow the directions turn by turn to reach your desired destination. By using our Map Quest route planner you will also be able to see the distance and the approximate time it will take you to get from one location to another.

Our mapquest directions is the most reliable route planning app available when it comes to driving directions and offers features which will turn your travelling into an absolutely hassle free experience. So whether you are travelling to work, going back home, visiting family or friend in another State, or just making a journey for some relaxing sightseeing – Map Quest direction offers dependence and reliability which no other app can give you. We are trusted worldwide by millions and provide dependable driving directions services through our interactive website, available for both desktop and mobile device users alike.