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Maps might be the oldest source of finding routes and ways but they are certainly the best. Map is the most authentic source of route finding. It is simple and basic. Map is a user friendly creation that every person even a lay man can understand it correctly. This is the beauty of the old and original concepts. They are genuine and unique in their own simple way. A person who is an expert in IT and a person, who has never ever been to school, both can read and understand the map with equal efficiency.

Maps link locations that are distant or near to each other via routes. The routes may be through the sea, air or via road. Whatever route the user wants to adopt, he can pick up the map assigned for it. By following the map correctly, you will never lose your way. The map will also guide you through the gas stations that might come your way or pit stops or car repair shops in case of an emergency. Various rest areas will also be mentioned on the map. Hotels, motels and restaurants are also shown on the map. All these amenities are reflected by a different symbol each. Each symbol or mark is displayed at the end of each mark. This makes the map easier to read.

Furthermore maps are always accessible. You may not gain access to the websites offering mapping facilities if you do not have a computer or laptop or do not have an access to the internet. Such problems are not faced with the maps. Their simplicity wins them over against all IT achievements. A simple paper or chart is used to make a map. This can be easily folded or rolled and placed with your luggage in the car.