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Bringing back the old times, reviving the old memories is always a charming moment. Similarly bringing back the old traditions will surely bring a smile on the faces of our elders. The newer technologies and advancements might be too user friendly but they still seem harder to our ancestors. The era in which they were young, they didn't had any access to these things. Personal computer was there but no laptops, ipads and tablets were known at that time. Life was much simpler and easy then. The advancements have not made the lives easier. In fact they are the culprits of making our lives more quick and dependable. The online mapping and provision of driving directions is becoming popular day by day. However, if we leave all this system behind and open up our eyes to the very simpler and basic road maps, we would feel much at ease.

Road map has always been considered as a true guider for all the travellers. Going on a long route without a road map is considered foolishness. You should always have a road map whenever you get out of your home. The journey from your road to office is well remembered by you. You have been going through the same road for the past three years. Still this does not omit the importance of a road map. The traffic might get stuck one day and you might have to end up stuck in the traffic jam. If you have this road map with you, you can easily look for an alternate route. This will greatly save your time and energy. Road maps are simpler and easy to use and are the basics of the online Map Quest and Google MapsTM. These online mapping and driving direction facilities all developed after getting inspired from the basic road map.