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Google Traffic Report

The world's population is increasing at an alarming rate each day. As the number of individuals increase, so does their necessities increase. Therefore the number of automobiles on the road also increases. These automobiles are already exceeding the range of the expected vehicles on the road. The conclusion is worst traffic jam ever known to mankind. In some under developed countries, where there are not many facilities to expand the roads, traffic jams of most severe nature are already being observed. These traffic jams are a hurdle in the success of an individual. Once you get stuck in a traffic jam, there is no means by which you can get out of the traffic jam unless the traffic starts moving itself. The traffic might be stuck for hours and hours.

In order to avoid these traffic jams, Google traffic report provides you with an updated and current traffic report of all the concerning routes. Providing google traffic directions in real time, Google traffic report generates color codes in its route planner to help with better navigation. Taking all the above mentioned account in view, it becomes therefore necessary to keep track of the live traffic report always before leaving your place. Check the routes where the flow of the traffic is light or heavy and then decide accordingly which route to take. Routes having a higher traffic flow are more likely to get stuck and cause traffic than routes with lighter traffic flow. Always make sure that you choose the route with lighter traffic flow.

Understanding Google Traffic Directions

Google periodically updates its maps to provide newer features and upgrades. Google traffic directions offers updated satellite imagery with high resolution photos and balanced information. The best part about Google MapsTM is the color coding its route planner offers. While reviewing google traffic directions you will notice some areas color codes along your route in a lighter shade of orange. These places are determined by Google as areas of interest. Even your route will be color coded and understanding these color codes will offer you a better understanding of the google traffic report.

Colors along your route generally indicate the speed of traffic in that region:

  • Blue color represents Google traffic directions to your marked destination
  • Orange color means medium amount of traffic
  • Red represents traffic jams, heavy traffic and traffic delays due to slow speed
  • Grey represents alternate/other route options suggested by google traffic directions
  • Green means that there are no traffic delays

Google will also add symbols on the map along your route for accidents, construction, road closures and other incidents while contour lines mark elevation in landscape or bridges. Google traffic report is available in real time 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The only thing you require is an internet connection and you are good to go. The main purpose of google traffic reports is to help users take informed regarding the journey they are planning to take by staying updated regarding the current traffic condition or route blockage issues.

This live google traffic report is certainly a blessing in disguise. You can listen to the report by tuning in to a radio station on the way in your car. Change your route as soon as you hear signs of a traffic jam on a particular route. Make life easier for yourself and for others and follow these simple steps to avoid traffic jams and getting into mood tantrums.